About Us & Our Mission | Banjara

Our Mission

To create a brand that develops products utilizing natural materials which not only helps the environment but also encourages economic growth in smaller communities. Our products amalgamate sustainable eco friendly materials and minimalistic style to provide modern functionality.

About Us

Banjara NZ was born from the inspiration we gathered through our travels of India. More than a product or a thing, Banjara NZ is a way of life. We believe in the sustainability of our planet, our lives and our fashion. We want everyone to experience the Banjara life where they have the freedom to follow their passions and unequivocally be themselves.

Banjara NZ reflects our passion for sustainability and minimalism and brings to you our first collection that follows the journeys of the the urbanite, passionate, the fashionista, and the socialite.

Our products can be used by anyone be it for school, travelling, office or the gym. The minimalistic unisex designs, colors and durable material make it suitable for everyday life.